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RAF Electronic Hardware offers the widest selection of SAE and metric dimensioned components available from a single source. You can choose the style, size, material and finish that’s just right for your application. A modern U.S. manufacturing and plating facility assures you of a large product inventory, short lead times, and same day processing and shipping of 45,000 stocked part numbers. RAF Electronic Hardware has been committed to customer service since its founding. Our comprehensive online catalog is just the beginning. An eager, informed inside sales staff is waiting to help you. Strong distributor support means that RAF products are available from local sources around the world. Phone, fax, and the internet put us as close as your desktop, 24/7. We are available to answer your questions, usually on the first call. We do whatever it takes to get the right product to you, on time.

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RAF Products

  • Fasteners
  • NAS Fasteners
  • Standoffs
  • Male-Female Standoffs
  • Swage Standoffs
  • Spacers
  • Captive Panel Screws
  • Circuit Board Supports
  • Handles & Ferrules
  • Thread-Locking Products
  • Jack Screws
  • Precision Shoulder Screw
  • Thumb Screws & Thumb Nuts
  • Insulating Washers
  • Bushings
  • Contacts
  • Connectors
  • Prototypes
  • Guide Pins
  • Attenuator Parts
captive panel screw

Captive Panel Screws & Retainers

Captive screws and retainers assure easy and secure assembly.

swage spacers

Spacers & Swage Spacers

Known as “bushings”. Primarily used to separate assemblies from each other and from housings.

electronic hardware standoffs


Threaded separators of a defined length, used to raise one assembly above another.

locking post assemblies

Connector Hardware

Available in thread lengths of 0.312″ to 0.458″ with a standard body diameter of 3/16″.

flat washers

Flat & Shoulder Washers

Available in 9/64″ to 1-1/2″ OD with a thickness ranging from 0.016″ to 0.125″

shoulder screws

Precision Shoulder Screws

Referred to as shoulder bolts, or stripper bolts. Used as a precision spacer and bearing surface.

thumb screws

Thumb Screws & Thumb Nuts

Available in washer face, plain, and push styles in American and Metric dimensions.

chassis fasteners

Chassis Fasteners

Swage mounted square fasteners with either 4-40 or 6/32 threads

printed circuit board supports

Circuit Board Supports

Used to protect PCB’s from electrical transmission in many types of applications.

handles and ferrules

Handles & Ferrules

Eleven handle lines in both American and Metric dimensions.

jack screws for electronics

Jack Screws

Available in steel with zinc plate per with thread lengths of 3/16″ to 3/4″.


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