Quality Control

Every member of the team at RAF is dedicated to delivering the best customer service at all points of contact during the process. RAF not only has the knowledge and expertise but also state of the art technologies to deliver high-quality products efficiently, on time and on the budget. Our products are looked at carefully throughout every step of the manufacturing process and distribution making sure that our customers receive the best product possible. We scrutinize every detail by implementing strict supplier management, quality control, and inspection checkpoints.

Certifications, Registrations & Standards

RAF Electronic Hardware serves customers in an impressive variety of markets, from commercial and consumer electronics, computers, and telecommunications to military, aerospace, automotive, alternative energy, medical, and many others. Required certification and compliance documentation are provided with every shipment of RAF electronic hardware. Other certifications available on request include materials, plating, and origin certifications, including NAFTA and DFARS. In addition, all bagged shipments indicate whether or not parts are RoHS compliant.



We have the expertise and capabilities to deliver the components that you need for your application. Keyence is an advanced automated measuring tool that eliminates user variation in measurement results. This helps to decreases inspection time (multiple measurements on up to 100 parts simultaneously). All measurements are automatically recorded and provide detailed statistical reporting of all parts measured.

  • Repeatability of ±0.5µm
  • Accuracy of 2µm2

Mitutoyo HM-122

Our digital microhardness tester has the ability to check incoming stock or finished goods post heat or plating with a magnification level of 100-500 to increase testing accuracy and built-in statistical calculations and hardness scale conversions.

Mitutoyo Contracer CV-2100

Semi-Automated Contour Measuring Instrumentation that measures surface roughness. As well as counter and roundness measurements that can eliminate user variation often caused by using optical comparator providing detailed statistical reporting of all parts measured.

  • Resolution of 0.1µm

Mitutoyo Profilometer

The Mitutoyo Profilometer has the ability to measure surface roughness and surface finishing  and software for statistical process control analysis

  • Measurable range of 14200µin to 360µin

50X Optical Comparator

The 50X optical comparator utilizes high power magnification to measure angles for reliability and accurately, along with multiple other dimensions

Our Process

RAF Quality Process

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